Arrowhead Properties Limited is a property loan stock company holding a diverse portfolio of 98 properties across South Africa with a Gross Lettable Area of 428 000 m≤. Arrowhead Propertiesí priority will be to distribute growing income returns to its investors.

This will be achieved through escalating rentals in terms of leases with tenants, satisfactory renewal of leases with existing tenants, renting of vacant space within the portfolio, managing and reducing, where possible, costs associated with the portfolio and by acquiring revenue enhancing properties.

Arrowhead's portfolio is as diversified as possible in terms of the number of properties it has, as well as its excellent spread of tenants across different sectors and diverse locations; helping to manage risk. It will also be the company's intention to fix interest rates on the majority of its debt to reduce exposure to interest rate risk. The company's property portfolio will be managed internally by the executive management team and JHI. Two classes of linked units will be issued by the company “A” and “B” linked units which will be issued separately.