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Arrowhead is a Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) holding a diverse portfolio of retail, office and industrial (collectively “commercial”) properties valued at R5.6 billion, held directly and through a wholly-owned subsidiary. In addition, Arrowhead held a 60.1% interest in its subsidiary, Indluplace Properties Limited (“Indluplace”), which owns a portfolio of residential properties. Arrowhead also owned 62.0% of the B-ordinary shares in Gemgrow Properties Limited (“Gemgrow”), equivalent to 55.5% of Gemgrow, which owns a diverse portfolio of commercial properties.

In addition, Arrowhead held an interest of 18.6% in Rebosis Property Fund Limited (“Rebosis”) as well as a 10.6% interest in Dipula Income Fund Limited (“Dipula”).

The company’s main focus is on paying growing income returns to its investors. This is achieved through escalating rentals in terms of leases with tenants, satisfactory renewal of leases with existing tenants, renting of vacant space within the property portfolio, managing and reducing, where possible, costs associated with the property portfolio and by acquiring revenue enhancing properties and investments in other REITS.